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Niko Peltoranta

Digital Management Consultant
Modern Workplace Expert
Office 365 and Cloud Instructor
Design Sprint Facilitator


In everything I do, I have a focus on business, IT and the customer experience.

I believe that closing the gap between business and digital is essential in modern business – be it then in marketing, analytics, sales or the everyday workplace. And it doesn’t have to be overly complicated for the customer or end-user. I strive to look for the leanest and most time-efficient approach to solve business problems, and create products, services and business strategies. I believe first results can be achieved or validated already within the first 5 days rather than 5 months. That way, if a pivot is needed in the approach, we lose only 5 days rather than waste 5 months. Fail fast to succeed faster. And I love getting my hands dirty in the process.



What are the technical tools and solutions for a modern workplace?
The modern workplace today is all about productivity, collaboration, flexibilty and security at the fullest. Today, there are very few excuses left not to have your workforce up-to-date - and not break the bank.


What is needed to get started with a digital transformation? Digital strategy may sound like a scary beast, and is usually sold as such, but making the most out of digital tools in sales, marketing and the modern workplace doesn't always need to be overly complicated and still make an impact on business.


What is needed for Office365 and Cloud user training and adoption? A technical migration is only the beginning. Users need to be trained to use the digital tools, adoption needs to be encouraged and real life needs should be addressed; without these, you are left with confusion and loss in productivity.



A great modern coworking space makes the most out of digital, customer experience and business.

A coworking space can use digital to create a great simple and effective customer experience for their community without having to leave out the human-aspect. For the business, it can mean having a marketing, sales, onboarding and management setup that requires minimal effort and has a positive effect on the bottom line. 


IT should be making your work more effective, innovative and flexible while still being secure.

IT should make your work more effective, innovative and flexible while still being secure. A digital strategy and a modern workplace that supports your business and workforce is key in business today. With all of the service providers and cloud applications available today, losing focus can happen easily and then increase complexity and costs.


Growing and scaling the business can sometimes be tricky with limited resources and expertise.

Building a product and the business is best done as lean as possible from the very beginning. Losing time and money with eternal internal discussions, project fatigue, lack of resources or no modern B2B sales or marketing knowledge can be a killer.


In everything I do, I have a focus on business, IT and the customer experience.


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My name is Niko, I’m 35 and I’m originally from Finland. The cold country with polar bears.

I help businesses with their digital strategy, making the most out of digital tools in sales, marketing and the modern workplace. I strive for a holistic solution-driven approach to everything I do, taking into consideration all aspects of the business with a human-centric angle.

I’m an experienced Technology-as-a-Service professional with a proven track-record of creating, managing and selling managed IT services and products to business customers since 2010. That’s over 9 years now – yes, time flies.

I have held positions as Managing Director in a +1M€ annual revenue IT Managed Service Provider company and Head of Consumptional Business in a +8B€ annual revenue IT distributor company. I have created and lead a Europe-wide project, Workplace as a Service, a turn-key business IT mobility solution on a monthly invoice.

In short, I have a lot of experience in direct and channel sales of managed IT services and selling the entire IT department and office infrastructure, and creating real value for the (highly demanding) customers while increasing profits in a market that is in general leaking profits.

I am an analytical and empathic diplomat with a constant curiosity for technology and drive for action and development – I rarely stand for the status quo. I have a love for logic, simple solutions, finding value in everything, trying to make a business out of anything and trying to understand how the human mind works.

In service, I believe in “exceptional service, exceptional profit”, in all situations, I believe a “win-win” outcome is possible and with people, I believe in being direct and caring.

In my free time, I do wall climbing and bouldering, run (4 marathons to date), play the piano and read.

Whether you sell IT, create IT or buy IT, we can look into how to align it with your business and find you a cutting edge. If you have a business problem to solve, need a design sprint or just have an interesting project, just send me an email or call – I’m always open for a chat.